Can you use eyelash glue for fake nails?

Picture this: you’re getting ready for some huge event. It could be a graduation, a friend’s wedding, or your 2-year anniversary date. Whatever it is, it’s really important, and you’re going all out to look your best for it. 

You’ve got your hair done, put on some make-up, and dressed yourself in a killer outfit, and all you have to do now is put on the new set of nails you got at the store last week. But tragedy strikes… you’ve run out of nail glue!

In a panic, you scramble through every nook and cranny of your room, hoping you stumble upon some extra nail glue or some sort of substitute that gets the job done the same.

And voila! A ray of hope! You’ve found some eyelash glue.

But… would it even work? Can you put fake nails on with eyelash glue?

Fear not, damsels and gallants in distress; this article is here to save the day to make sure you make it in time for the evening ball! Or, well… wherever it is you’re going.

Can I use lash glue for nails?

First order of business, is lash glue even safe to use on your nails? How is it different from using regular old nail glue? 

Since both lash and nail glue are adhesive products for cosmetic purposes, they’re bound to share similar components. They are formulated differently and can therefore affect your nails just as differently. 

Let’s break it down: eyelash glue is made up of a combination of two specific chemicals, namely cyanide, and acrylate, that, when joined together, form a quick self-hardening solution called cyanoacrylate. It is known to be a slightly toxic chemical and acts as an adhesive, giving the glue its sticky property. It is also a main ingredient for superglue.

So does that mean it’s unsafe? Not necessarily. Cyanoacrylate is relatively safe for human use for the most part, but this is so long as you don’t misuse it.

It isn’t a chemical of radioactive danger, but it does pose as a potential mild irritant. It could very well burn or irritate your eyes with direct contact. In more severe cases, it could even cause a bad allergic reaction. 

That’s why it’s important to take care when putting on your falsies. The glue is made to stick to your eyelids and not to your naked sensitive eyeballs.

Besides that, there are no relatively harmful chemicals that could risk the health and overall condition of your nails. 

From this, we can conclude that lash glue, though an odd instrument for the task, is safe to use on your nails.

Can I use lash glue for broken nails?

With a broken nail, nail glue is the go-to product as it was made specifically for your nails, considering their texture and dexterity. 

But desperate times call for desperate measures, and sometimes desperate measures call for eyelash glue.

We’ve established that it is indeed safe to use, but can it fix broken nails?

The answer is yes— though not for very long. So if you’re in a pinch and need it ASAP, here’s how you use lash glue for a broken nail:

  1. Prepare your eyelash glue. Any brand will do.
  2. Wash your hands or feet depending on where the broken nail is. Then dip in warm water.
  3. Apply the lash glue to the torn nail.
  4. Press the nail into place and apply pressure for one minute.
  5. After one minute, wipe off the excess glue and smooth the repaired area with a nail file.
  6. Once dry, apply a top coat as a protective layer.

Will eyelash glue work for fake nails?

Now for the moment of truth… can you put fake nails on with eyelash glue? Well, I say dry your mascara-stained tears because you can indeed!

Fortunately, it isn’t made of any intense chemicals that grip tightly onto your nails. It’s specially concocted to suit your eyelids, meaning it has lesser adhesive strength to make sure your lashes don’t stay stuck there forever.

However, there is a catch. For the very same reason, it may not be able to hold heavy nail accessories such as those with rhinestones and other jewels.

As mentioned before, eyelash glue only works as a quick fix because it is weaker compared to nail glue. 

But even though it doesn’t last as long, utilizing eyelash glue for press-on nails would still work well, albeit temporarily.

What else can you use to glue on fake nails?

Lash glue isn’t the only good substitute for nail glue out there. There are several other products just as or even more effective. Some of these include:

1. Double-Sided Tape

Aside from being a tool for school projects and a staple office supply, you can use double-sided tape to put on fake nails. It’s a clear tape, sticky on both sides, and, like lash glue, is best used as a last resort.

2. Nail Tabs

Nail tabs are adhesive sheets that act similarly to double-sided tape but are particularly designed for attaching fake nails. All you need to do is apply them to the back of your fake nails and then press it onto your natural ones.

3. Gel Polish

When hardened and cured, gel polish can function as a great substitute for nail glue. Unlike lash glue, cured gel polish will have a stronger and longer grip on your press-on nails.

4. Acrylic Mixture

Acrylic mixture is a mixture of liquid acrylic and acrylic powder made to form your nails. Just like gel polish, it can hold your fake nails in place for an extended period of time. 

The downside is that acrylic mixture can be harsh and difficult to remove— not to mention more costly than the alternatives.

In Conclusion

To wrap things up… yes, eyelash glue works just fine for fake nails. It’s important to note that it’s best used as a temporary solution, not for something long-term.

So get a grip on yourself and pack your things up, Cinderella, ‘cause you may just make it to the ball with your fabulous press-on nails after all! You needed only the magic of a little bit of eyelash glue.

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