How To Type With Long Nails

If you’re a fan of the Kardashians, then you’ve probably noticed their long dazzling nails. They even style their outfits based on their nail color and design.

Their nail obsession is top-tier, don’t you agree? 

But if you’re planning to get fabulous long nails just like the Kardashians, you might have to rethink again. 

The question now is, can you keep up? 

Maintaining long nails comes with a price. 

With long nails, buttoning your shirt, opening a soda can, putting on contact lenses, and even typing on your keyboard or phone screen will become a struggle.

But don’t fret too much; you’re in the right place. You can still be a keyboard warrior without sacrificing your nail style. 

So follow along as we look into the different tips and hacks when typing with long nails. 

Are long nails bad for typing?

Let’s get this straight, long nails are bad for typing. 

Yes, you’ve heard that right! 

Typing with long nails means you’ll have to exert more effort. 

The reason is that you will be using your fingerpads, and when you do this, the muscles in your fingers tend to hyperextend.

That being said, when you continuously type with long nails, you are likely damaging your hand muscles. This causes strain not just to your fingers but also to your hands and wrists. 

Typing with long nails hack

Typing with long nails hack

So since we’ve already established the harmful effect of typing with long nails, let’s now talk about some tips on how you type with them.

There is no doubt how challenging it is to type with long nails, whether on your keyboard or phone screen. You would probably press the wrong keys more often and make a lot of typographical errors. 

But with proper method and constant practice, typing with long nails would just be a walk in the park!

So I listed a few tips for you to follow. Let’s get started!  

How do you type on the keyboard with long nails?

If you have long nails, it is best to try out a new typing method — typing with your fingerpads. This prevents your nails from hitting the keyboard keys while typing. 

To do this, straighten out your fingers and place them horizontally to the keyboard keys. If your fingertips glide across your keyboard, then you’re doing the right thing. 

Also, press each key carefully to minimize error. 

How to type with acrylics on a laptop

Acrylic nails are the go-to if you want that instant pretty and long nails. 

They are best known for adding length and changing the shape of your nails. They are made from a mixture of liquid monomer and powder polymer, which are then bonded onto your natural nails. 

And while acrylics make your nails look fancy, you will probably face the dilemma of typing on your laptop. 

It’s a big no-no to strike your laptop keys with your acrylic nails. This will only add stress to your nails, causing them to chip or, worst, to break. 

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So what do you do then? You can follow these 3 steps listed down below.

Change your way of typing

The normal way of typing is using the tips of our fingers.

But if you have acrylic nails, using the tips of your fingers will only end up with tons of typos. 

So, changing your typing form is a must. All you need to do is straighten out your fingers so that your fingerpads can glide across the keys instead of your fingertips. 

The gentle technique

When typing with acrylic nails, type as gently as possible. 

This may compromise your typing speed, but on the brighter side, you’ll lessen the likelihood of damaging your acrylic nails. 

Practice makes perfect

Mastering your new typing form requires a lot of patience. As a beginner, remember that precision is more important than speed and that speed is nothing without precision. 

So, for now, just focus on pressing the rights keys.

Don’t pressure yourself too much. Your typing speed will increase in no time once you get the hang of it. 

Just remember Jordin Spark’s famous song lyric — “just take one step at a time, there’s no need to rush.” 

How to type with acrylic nails on the phone

How to type with acrylic nails on the phone

Almost everyone in the world seems to own a cellphone. I mean, who doesn’t have a phone these days? 

However, if you have long acrylic nails, you’ll surely face the dilemma of operating and typing on your phone. 

So what do you do? 

You can try holding your phone in one hand and using your pointer finger of your other hand to type on your phone.  This minimizes typographical errors since your pointer finger is thinner and is more dominant. 

The downside, however, is that your typing speed will slow down.

Another method you can try is by placing your phone somewhere else, like on a table, and operating your phone with your two pointer fingers. This increases your typing speed since you’re using two fingers to type. 

But don’t do this for a long time. 

Looking down strains the neck muscles, leading to nerve pain and spasms. 

So a piece of advice: take breaks in between. A 10-20 minute break will do. 

However, if you find the two methods a hassle, you can try using a stylus pen. This keeps your long nails away from your phone screen. 

When buying a stylus pen, pay attention to the nib and grip to determine if it’s a good fit for your hands. Also, make sure that it works well with your device. 

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How to get used to typing with long nails

Get the right nail shape 

Not all nail shape is good for typing. 

So if you wish to maintain your long nails, go for a square or oval nail shape. Don’t opt for pointy nails since they are harder to control and likely break when you type. 

A thicker and rounder shape will make typing a lot easier. 

Get the right nail length 

Get the right nail length 

Aside from getting the right nail shape, it is equally important to have the right nail length. 

Your nails should not be too long. Otherwise, you’ll end up having a hard time typing. 

The ideal nail length should not be more than 1 centimeters. 

Constant practice 

Again, practice with dedication.

Take all the time to get used to your new typing form and learn patiently. It’s always wise to remember that practice makes perfect. 

Final thoughts

Almost everyone spends their day typing on their computers and phone screen, whether it’s an email or report for work or just a quick chit-chat with friends. 

And yes, it can be a little frustrating to deal with mundane tasks when you have long nails. That’s why your nail choices should not affect your daily activities and productivity. 

Hence, just remember the proper typing method and practice it constantly. Over time, you will easily find your way around. 

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