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What are solar nails

Our nails take their time growing. If you’re an eager fan of nail trends, you have to wait forever. Thankfully, acrylic nails cut our months of waiting to just one salon appointment. 

Acrylic is a resin that we can transform into the desired shape once it has hardened. It has been a staple in dentistry, especially for dentures. How acrylic ended on our nails was an accident. For a time, dental acrylics were used on nails. This practice had been discontinued because of the resulting ill effects. 

Today, professionals use acrylics that are specially made for our nails. 

While some fake nails can be made from nail acrylic, acrylic nails are a distinct and specific category. They come in mixtures that you have to sculpt on your nails and let dry. 

Although they have been long before many of us were born, acrylic nails never became tacky relics of dubious fashion decisions. They just keep branching out into new ways of being better. And of their several iterations, solar nails may be the hottest nail style you’re missing out on.

What are solar nails?

What are solar nails

Unlike what the name suggests, solar nails have nothing to do with the sun. Essentially, they come out as pink nails with white tips, like french nail’s shinier twin.

Solar nails have been touted as a better alternative to other acrylic nails. But this was only true when the latter products used dental acrylic. Otherwise, solar nails was just another brand for acrylic nails. 

If nail acrylics had their start from dental acrylics, why would dental acrylics be bad for you?

Nail vs Dental Acrylic

Nail acrylic uses the liquid ethyl methacrylate or EMA. EMA is safer and gentler than methyl methacrylate or MMA which is used for dental acrylic. Because dental acrylic is supposed to act like our teeth, it has to be very hard. 

Because it’s rigid when it hardens, dental acrylic is hard to break. This is not the kind of strength that you would want for the acrylics that go on your nails. It doesn’t allow the acrylic to absorb bumps and hits. This means you could break your nails.

MMA on nails has several adverse and harmful effects which you don’t need to go through. A little self-care doesn’t have to become a harrowing experience. And for everyday use, your nails don’t need bone-like strength.

Today, solar nails are synonymous with the technique of applying pink and white nail acrylic. So, how are solar nails any different from the acrylic nails that we have come to love?

What are solar nails vs acrylic nails?

While all solar nails are acrylic nails, not all acrylic nails are solar nails. And like several acrylic nails, solar nails start as a powder and liquid monomer or EMA that you have to mix. Vlogs on Youtube give you a picture of how the application goes.


After your nails are clean and dry, their surface is prepared with a primer. There is no hard-and-fast rule on how to do your pink and white nails. Your nail technician may apply the white color first to avoid mess and do-overs. Making the white margin perfect takes a lot of skill; this is one of the reasons to go to a professional.  

Once the white part dries, the pink acrylic goes onto your nails next. This may take several brush strokes to spread evenly. Then, your nails will be formed, filed, and buffed into the shape you want. 

Can you get tips with solar nails?

Yes, but this would be an extra step in the application. The process would vary depending on your chosen design. Opting for glitters, color gradations, and extra embellishments will necessarily modify the steps. What counts is that you’re going home with nails that you adore, right?

How can you tell solar nails apart?

How can you tell solar nails apart

No matter the technique, you still get acrylic nails. Their appearance gives a more telling distinction. What is the difference between solar nails and acrylic nails when it comes to looks?

Regular acrylic nails offer a lot of room for fun patterns and chic designs. You can use traditional lacquer, gel polish, and even dip powder to decorate them. Other than instant length and strength, acrylic nails also add style you can match with a gorgeous outfit.

On the other hand, solar nails usually come out in a two-toned elegant finish. But you can play around with other creative solar nail styles, too—those dainty solar ombre nails look straight out of a fairy tale!

While looks are not a dead giveaway, it narrows down the nail style you’re talking about. This knowledge is handy the next time you want your nails done. “Solar ombre nails” sounds more specific than “color that shifts from dark to light for each acrylic nail.”

How much do solar nails cost?

Although the cost for manicures generally differs between nail salons, solar nails prices are generally higher than that of other nail acrylics. 

In small shops, they may be at $30 to $40 while regular acrylic nails are around $25 to $35.  If you’re getting your nails done in a high-end place, solar nails can set you back $75 to $85. If you opted for regular acrylic nails, you would pay around $50 to $70. Of course, the design you would choose can bump the price up. 

For its price, you will be getting the perks of regular nail acrylics in a longer-lasting package. 

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How long do solar nails last?

How long do solar nails last

While nail acrylics are safe to use and remove, they shouldn’t be everyday wear. You can enjoy them for six to eight weeks before they should already be removed. Then, you have to let your nails rest before getting a new set of nail acrylics. Getting breaks in between nail enhancements also gives you time for finding the next nail inspiration.

Although they can last for as long as eight weeks, they would not look as good as new. You may have to visit your nail salon when the color starts to lift from your nails. This usually happens by the third week of wearing solar nails. 

Like any accessory, proper maintenance will go a long way for your nails. For instance, you should get into the habit of moisturizing your hands. Your nail enhancements will only be as good as the nail that they are enhancing. 

Acrylic nails allow us to dare to be adventurous. There are plentiful options for those who want to play it safe and for those who want big and bold statements. While we’re thankful for what our mothers gave us, there’s nothing wrong with exploring other styles that make us feel good.

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