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Nail glue vs super glue

We all want nice and appealing nails, right? Fortunately, press-on nails do the trick.

Instant long nails? Stunning nail art? Press-on nails got you covered! 

And while there are a lot of artificial nails, you can choose from, finding the perfect glue that will tightly adhere to your natural nails is also very important. 

Choosing the right glue for your press-on nails is like choosing the best materials for your new house. The bottom line is you need to make sure that the very foundation is strong and long-lasting. 

So follow along as we learn about glue products perfectly safe and designed for press-on nails. 

Can I use super glue as nail glue? 

Can I use super glue as nail glue? 

Let’s get this straight – never use superglue as nail glue.  

Super glue and nail glue are technically not the same. Both products are graded differently. Super glue forms a strong adhesive bond that is nearly unbreakable. 

Hence, using super glue when attaching press-on nails is strongly not recommended.

Super glue damages the nails and can be very difficult to remove once applied. Worst, you may even lose your entire natural nails when removing them. 

Also, super glue traps water which could lead to fungal nail infection.  

Common effects of fungi infection are cracked nails and nail discoloration. 

So again, don’t entertain the idea of using super glue. Remember that it is a potent chemical that could possibly harm the nail cuticle and the skin surrounding the nails. 

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What happens if I use superglue instead of nail glue?

Indeed, super glue is a great tool for fixing common cracks and breaks in the household. It’s impressive how it bonds with almost everything. 

However, using them on human nails is a whole different story; it’s a big no-no! 

The use of super glue on the human body is not recommended at all. Due to its strong chemicals, using them on your nails and skin won’t be safe. 

If you use super glue instead of nail glue, you may experience adverse reactions like yellowish nails and skin irritation. You might also end up with torn and detached nails. 

Scary, isn’t it? 

That’s why, as much as possible, avoid using super glue when attaching fake nails. 

What can I use instead of nail glue? 

What can I use instead of nail glue

Since we’ve already established the harmful effects of using super glue as nail glue, you might have wondered whether there are other alternatives available for nail glue.

And the answer to that is yes. You can use eyelash glue or gel nail polish instead of nail glue. 

Eyelash glue and nail glue contain the same ingredients. So it can be used as an alternative for nail glue. 

However, eyelash glue does not have the same adhesive bond as nail glue.

Obviously, fake eyelashes are lighter than fake nails, so the former only requires minimal adhesive power. 

So if you use eyelash glue, except that it won’t hold your fake nails for a long time. 

Aside from eyelash glue, you can also use gel nail polish. This is, by far,  the best alternative for nail glue.

Gel nail polish is a special kind of nail polish that contains gel. Compared to regular nail polish, gel nail polish uses UV or LED light for it to harden. Gel nail polish can hold your fake nails for about one to two weeks if properly applied. 

However, the only downside of using gel nail polish as nail glue is that your fake nails should be transparent or light-colored since UV or LED light cannot penetrate through dark ones.  

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What is the strongest glue for fake nails?

The answer is plain and simple. The strongest and safest glue for fake nails is nail glue. 

Yes, you’ve heard that right! You should only use nail glue for your fake nails.

You might think super glue is the strongest glue due to its superior adhesive strength, but it turns out when attaching fake nails, nail glue is far more durable than super glue. 

Nail glue is a strong glue, perfectly and safely designed for nails.

It contains lower concentrations of cyanoacrylate and has additives, making it handle moisture better than any other glue product. That’s why it lasts longer than super glue. 

Aside from that, nail glue prevents skin irritation since the product is graded for the human body. 

Hence, I’ve listed five good nail glue products you can try on: 


If you want long-lasting fake nails, then Infilila is for you. This product can hold your fake nails for a month. Also, it instantly bonds your fake nails to your natural nails. 

NYK1 Super Strong Nail Bond

Another product known for its solid hold is the NYK1 nail glue. Aside from its durability, NYK1 also dries up extremely fast. 


Nailene is best known for its quick-drying ability. Durability-wise, it can hold your fake nails for up to 7 days. 

Makartt Quick Nail Glue 

If you’re still new to the press on nail trend, then this product is for you. Makartt Nail Glue is beginner-friendly since it doesn’t dry up quickly, giving you ample time to adjust your fake nails. 

Big Bondini All-Purpose Nail Glue

You try out Big Bondini nail glue for those with sensitive skin. This product is hypoallergenic and is non-irritating to the skin. 

The difference between nail glue and super glue

The difference between nail glue and super glue

Before we go into the difference between nail glue and super glue, let’s first talk about their similarities. 

Both products are waterproof and contain cyanoacrylate. Thus, the two dry and bond quickly. 

However, their main difference lies in terms of ​​durability, ingredients, cost, customer usage and effect on nails after removal. 


When used on the nails, nail glue lasts longer than super glue since it handles moisture better. It doesn’t easily break down with water. Super glue, however, wears out when contacted with moisture.  


Nail glue contains additives, making it safe for the skin. On the other hand, Super glue has a higher level of cyanoacrylate. Hence, it is more susceptible to skin irritation.  


Regarding pricing, nail glue is far more expensive than super glue since it’s being advertised as a cosmetic product.

Customer usage 

Nail glue is designed for the human body, so it isn’t harmful at all, whereas super glue is specifically designed for holding materials such as metals and wood. It is therefore unsafe for the human body. 

Effect on nails after removal

In a nutshell, nail glue won’t damage the nails once removed. Some nail glue even contains ingredients that encourage nail growth. 

On the contrary, super glue damages the nails since the top layer, including the nails’ keratin, are pulled off. Hence, making your nails prone to discoloration and breakage. 

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Final thoughts

Super glue is definitely NOT the safer alternative. It is too harsh for your nails. So if you plan on using them, think again.   

Stick with nail glues instead but remember to use high-quality ones that adhere quickly to the nails and are long-lasting. 

Also, be wary of brands advertising their super glue as nail glue. 

Aside from choosing the right glue product, a proper nail care routine is essential to ensure healthier and stronger nails

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