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Can you use regular nail polish on acrylic nails

There’s nothing more attractive than a good set of polished nails.

And thanks to the emerging trends in the nail fashion industry, you can now choose from a wide variety of nail products.

Options like acrylics now exist, allowing you to customize the length and shape of your nails. They are definitely a must-try!

And chances are, you’re here because you’re bored with your current nail color on your acrylics, and you’re not sure whether you can use regular nail polish on them. 

I mean, it’s nice to show off different nail colors on your acrylics from time to time, right? 

Worry no more because this article has got you covered!

This article will explore whether you can use regular nail polish on acrylic nails.

So continue reading.

What type of polish goes on acrylic nails?

What type of polish goes on acrylic nails

Acrylics usually come in various colors. Clear acrylics are also a thing. 

But regardless, you can still paint them over to achieve your desired nail color and design. 

The question now is, what type of nail polish should you use with acrylic nails

Well, you can either use regular nail polish or gel nail polish on acrylic nails — these two offer different shades of color for your acrylics. 

Regular nail polish contains some harsh chemicals, but they won’t interact with your acrylics as long as there’s a top coat over your nails. 

So make sure you apply a top coat beforehand to avoid damaging the acrylics. 

Gel polish is also an alternative but requires more effort. Compared to regular nail polish, its application is more tedious, challenging, and time-consuming. You’ll have to buff off the acrylic topcoat so that the gel will cling. 

Gel vs regular polish on acrylic nails: Which is better?

Gel vs regular polish on acrylic nails

It’s impossible to say which one is better than the other. At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you whether you opt for gel or regular nail polish. 

Let’s make a quick comparison between gel and regular polish.

The best thing about regular nail polish is its easy application and removal. So it’s perfect for those who want to change their nail color from time to time.  

You only need to topcoat your acrylics beforehand and remove them easily with an acetone-free nail polish remover

Never use acetone, as this will dissolve your acrylic nails. 

It’s also the best option for those who plan on going back to their original acrylic color. Simply apply a base coat over the topcoat to prevent staining the acrylic. 

However, regular nail polish takes too long to dry. Drying time usually takes half an hour. So it’s clearly not suitable for impatient or busy people!  

Regular nail polish also chips within weeks. Although they last longer on acrylic nails than on your natural nails, they still wear off over time. 

Compared to gel nail polish, it quickly wears out at the tips, and the topcoat eventually loses its shine. Simply put, regular nail polish requires more care.

On the other hand, gel nail polish has a more tedious preparation. 

The application requires many tools, such as a UV/Led curing lamp, cuticle pusher, nail buff, top coat, base coat, and rubbing alcohol. So it’s either you go to a salon or buy these materials yourself. This could be a problem if you’re tight on budget.

But keep in mind that applying gel polish on acrylics is strongly not recommended unless you’re a nail technician since the process requires utmost precision. 

Also, gel polish does not stick to smooth surfaces. So you first need to roughen up the acrylic surface and remove all the shine beforehand. Otherwise, the gel won’t stick to the acrylics. 

Gel polish is also not recommended for those who want to go back to the original acrylic color as it stains the acrylics. 

The removal process is also more complicated and time-consuming. Removing them is done by soaking your nails in acetone for 10 minutes and securing them with a foil. ​​Some residues may still remain, so buffering is also needed. 

But the good thing about gel polish is that it dries quicker than regular nail polish. The curing process, where the nails are placed under a UV or LED light, activates a chemical process that immediately dries the polish in just a few seconds.

By the end of the whole process, you get perfectly dry nails.

Gel polish is also thicker than ordinary nail polish, making it more durable and long-lasting. 

This makes gel nail polish and acrylic nails a perfect combination. Gel nail polish usually lasts up to 4 weeks. But regular in-fills are required because of nail growth.

In terms of wear and tear, gel polish is highly resistant to smudges and does not chip off easily. And not just that! The color stays vibrant and shiny as well. 

An excellent choice for durability, indeed!

And although the process is quite complicated, gel nail polish isn’t high maintenance. 

Your only enemy here is your nail growing out. 

With that being said, which team are you on? Are you for team regular nail polish or team gel nail polish?

Does regular nail polish last longer on acrylics?

Does regular nail polish last longer on acrylics

Almost everyone knows how quickly nail polish wears off. But it’s a different story with acrylic nails. 

In fact, nail polish lasts longer on acrylic nails than on natural fingernails. This is because the solvent in regular nail polish melts down the acrylics

This creates a strong bond between nail polish and acrylic, making the polish stronger and more durable.

This bond does not exist between nail polish and your real nails since nail polish is merely stuck on top of the nail. 

So how long does regular polish last on acrylic nails? 

Well, compared to applying it on your natural nails, which only last within days, regular nail polish on acrylic nails usually lasts between 2-3 weeks. 

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The takeaway

Acrylic nails are the go-to when adding instant length to your nails. 

And luckily, you can use regular nail polish on them. 

It’s the perfect alternative if you’re tight on budget. There’s no need for salon visits since you can apply them yourself without needing any equipment.

And not just that, they’re easy to apply and remove! You can change your nail color as often as you’d like.

But always remember to use a non-acetone remover. Otherwise, your acrylic nails may come off. 

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